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"Walk the Walk" a one of a kind hybrid program that will change the way you think, eat and live! 

Good health is a puzzle with many pieces. While nutrition and exercise are important, they don't complete the picture of good health. I help clients find, and put, all of the pieces together to create a healthy, happy life!

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This 8 week session of Walk the Walk starts.....



April 8


You desire........

  • Weight Loss and Management
  • A Realistic Diet WITHOUT Deprivation
  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Overall Health
  • Lasting Results

Jennifer Shepley, International Holistic Health and Transformation Coach, specializing in nutrition.

You will receive....

  • 1:1 online support from an International Integrative Health Coach
  • Online group support, relevant articles, information, recipes and motivation
  • Exercise videos for any fitness level
  • The knowledge and understanding of how to eat for your bio-individuality.
  • A healthy lifestyle that you can maintain FOREVER!

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